22 February 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw posing in London ♥


Beautiful blonde Abbey Lee Kershaw poses for Portmans. Posing in the atmospheric scenery of London a model wearing a stylish lace dresses, trench coats and red colored ponchos. I love the scenery, selv i used to live in London for some time, and i used to take a lot of pictires standing by red telephone box :) this photoshoots remind of good and unforgetable time in London. I love the preformens as well, very chic and sexy at the same time, very me!

21 February 2012

Red by Valentino

The fantastic scenery of the Garden of Bomarzo! I love the idea, something fresh finally, and exotic. Only a bit for little focus on the clothes. Working for me anyway.  How about you?

15 February 2012

14 February 2012

Casual simple chic

Feeling feminine and pretty while enjoying the comfort. Blouse - Gina Tricot, tights H&M, scarf - Hermes

08 February 2012


Just right now, I'm on a trip in Istanbul. We got here just last night, and immediately rushed to the bed, after an exhaustive journey with a change in Frankfurt. Morning Prayer of the locals, awakened me, I understood how far away I'm from my home.. Right now i'm awake and full of energy to explore this magacity known as European Capital of Culture!
Staying at this modern and stylish hotel in the heart of Istanbul’s historical area Sultanahmet, Sarnıç Premier Hotel. Was realy happy to heard at the reception about the unlimited wifi access. I love the design of my hotel room, decorated in white and blue tone, with the damask theme everywhere, and a view at the blue mosque, Just so glamour as I like.

And the weather could be better but who cares, am in Istanbul!
Can anyone recommend me something?
No matter if it has anything to do with fashion or not, is there anything I can not miss?

Much Love from Chic(k) on heels <3

06 February 2012

collars trend!

The new and at the same time very old trend – peter pan collars – Outfits with such collars started flooding the market right now. So I bought myself.
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